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Arielle Moyer

Trainer & Pet Care Provider

Arielle is passionate about all things pet care, and her education, experience and dedication can back that up. Arielle's love for being with animals has been lifelong and she was able to begin her journey in petsitting at a young age. Eventually she began to get more involved through volunteering and was able to realize her true direction in life. Arielle became a certified Dog Trainer and Groomer through Animal Behavior College in 2012 and she hasn't looked back since. Arielle is committed to training pets without fear, intimidation and force and educating pet owners on more appropriate ways of receiving results in their pets. This dog savvy person keeps us up to date on all new training methods and techniques that will only positively enhance our relationships and expertise in animal care.

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The Staff

Jamie Irvine

Co-Founder & Pet Care Provider

Whether Jamie knew it or not, she was born to care for animals. Rescuing and providing care is truly a natural instinct for her. Jamie always knew she wanted to work with animals in some capacity, so she started her journey as an active volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society and submerged herself in a variety of shelter programs. There she learned how to provide appropriate pet care specific to their needs–both physically and emotionally. She quickly realized her passion for working with under-socialized pets, the importance of humane education, and simply being the voice and caretaker for any and all pets. Thereafter, she put in several years working at a dog-daycare, which eventually led to assisting in building and operating a multi-dog care facility. With her experience and education she was able to build and run a facility where pets needs came FIRST, providing an ideal, safe, and fun environment. With close to 20 years in the pet care industry, Jamie and her business partner then decided to set out on their own, and turned their passion into The Wag Staff–providing mobile pet care to the communities beloved pets!  Now working at her dream job, pet care and animal advocacy is not only what Jamie does, it's who she is. 

​​​Tracy Kosina

Co-Founder & Pet Care Provider

If you own a pet and live in the West Linn area then there's a good chance you've met Tracy before. Tracy has been the smiling face and voice for a few pet care facilities in West Linn and has grown quite the reputation for going above and beyond for her clientele ...and especially their pets! With a high level of customer service skills that can be compared to no one and a passion for providing high quality pet care, every pet and person is at ease when Tracy's in charge. Pets respond well to her kind heart and gentle nature and end up developing a true bond with her that only a pet lover would understand. Tracy's journey over the last seven years has also included aiding in opening and operating a dog care facility that was known for putting pets first and bending over backwards for any person that walked thru the doors. She takes pride in putting smiles on her client's faces and wags on each and every beloved pet. It's clear that Tracy's dedication and years of experience in the animal care industry and client relations has prepared her greatly for running a successful, top notch mobile pet care business that exceeds the expectations of most anyone served.