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Equipment We Use

Our use of equipment ties in with our support of positive reinforcement, which does not include the use of force. We encourage our clients to incorporate the use of gentle leaders/haltis, flat buckle collars and front clip harnesses when working with dogs. These tools do not inflict pain upon the dog and only takes advantage of their applied forces (pulling).

Just The Basics

These sessions are for every dog from the brand new puppy or the older dog that still has a thing or two to learn. This package is structured for the dogs and their companions who are building their relationship and understanding from the ground up. The goal will be to develop communication, a trusting bond, and for your dog to have an understanding of what is and is not appropriate behavior through positive, fun and interactive methods. Training with your dog can be fun and not just a daily chore. Each session has different games to train your dog and stimulate their brain at the same time. 

​Beyond The Basics

These sessions are designed for the dog who is well behaved at home and who might still be struggling with the basics or can be difficult to manage outside of their familiar territory. Our dogs will often behave differently in unfamiliar or exciting situations. The focus and goals for this level of training is to reinforce the behaviors they already know, but in more challenging settings. For example, sit/stays with distractions, walking politely downtown or to a friends house, and a stronger off leash recall when there are numerous distractions. 

Private Training / $50 per hour
6 Sessions / $288 (60 day expiration from start date)

Fundamental Training

Arielle Moyer, Certified Dog Trainer


I have been working with the wonderful ladies of The Wag Staff for several years and we stand by positive reinforcement practices that instill trust and respect between dog and owner. Training your dog does not have to be a stressful or trying experience. As dog people, we are gifted with attentive and sharp minded companions that have evolved to understand us better. We can take advantage of everything their play, food and affection driven doggy brains have to offer with the right attitude and knowledge!

Why did I become a dog trainer?

I became a trainer because I want to help people understand their dogs better and shed light on why it is they do what they do. Most dog and owner conflict stems from a misunderstanding on both ends. With recent advances in science we can use what we have learned of dog psychology to make our relationships with our dogs more fulfilling and happy.

The dog and human bond has been developing for thousands of years. While technology and progress has been booming in recent centuries, we have begun to lose touch with a relationship that goes back millennia. Science has taught us so much about dogs, how they learn, how they think, and how they relate to us. With these new advances in the understanding of dog psychology, we can communicate with our dogs without force while developing a stronger bond.  


Loaded words & reinforcing cues 

Name recognition 

Focus (eyes on me)

Recall & Targeting

Loose leash walking

Drop and Leave it



Off (people & furniture)


Crate training


Separation anxiety